Who we are

We are a team of high school students who love all things STEM, especially robotics! In 2017, we started our journey in the STEM world, and unknowingly changed our lives. With our school robotics club, we competed in many robotics competitions and fell in love with the world of robotics. Fast forward to the present and we have multiple state-level awards, two National Championships under our belt, and even a Global Championship award to our name! In mid-2019 we decided it was time to share our knowledge and inspire the next generation of young engineers. So with the support of the Peregian Digital Hub, Royal Robotics was born.

What we do

Royal Robotics specialises in teaching kids robotics, using the LEGO ev3 robots,  and its corresponding programming language; Mindstorms. We run activity-based workshops where we teach through fun games and challenges to keep our classes engaging. We also run a weekly robotics club during the school term to provide short and fun learning experiences.

Future Thinking

When you attend a Royal Robotics workshop you are preparing yourself for the future. STEM, especially robotics, is becoming more and more important to our everyday lives, and we believe that it is so important to learn and have the skills to be able to build, program, and understand robots. Though the future is uncertain, one thing that we know for sure is that robots will be (and are already) playing such an important role in our homes, communities and occupations.
Royal Robotics
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